Utterly Deadly Southern Pecan Pie


This is not your Mama’s pecan pie. This has a more sophisticated flavor, a more sophisticated texture. Sprinkling powdered sugar on a boxed pie crust is a clever way of making the crust taste like homemade. If you’re looking for a delicious alternative to the usual Karo Syrup pie, you’ve got to try this.
OMG!!!! Never, ever would I have thought you could make a pecan pie in a cast iron skillet. AWESOME!!! My husband said this is the NEW FAVORITE pecan pie. We absolutely loved the texture of the filling versus the traditional jelly type filling. The only problem I had was with the crust sticking to the skillet. I’ll try re-seasoning it and see if that does the trick? Has anyone else had this issue? Have any suggestions on how to resolve the problem? Thanks SO MUCH for sharing this recipe!!! Just can’t rave about it enough!!!

I made this recipe for two important occasions. I had rave reviews and requests for more! This recipe is very easy to make only requiring enough time to be set aside so that the pies have time to bake and rest in the oven.

The most awesome pecan pie ever! I altered the recipe by using 2 pie crust instead of 1. Also, I pulled the pie out of the oven 1 1/2 hours after turning the oven off, not the 3 hours. The next time I made a double recipe, made a 10 inch, a 3 inch Iron Skillet, and 1 dozen muffin size mini pies. I took pie dough, used a round cookie cutter, and cut circles of dogh and placed in the ungreased muffin tins and filled with pie mixture. Cook for 45 min, total time. Remove from oven and place on coolong rack…..enjoy!



I agree with you. This was an awesome recipe. People, read your recipes carefully and watch your oven. We have lease gas which burns hotter. Must use oven thermometer. Increase the bourbon? Hmm, might have to try that!!!!!!
I do not understand the negative reviews! I have made this recipe 2 times and both times the pies turned out amazing. It is so much better than the corn syrup pies. And…to ncreader …do NOT cook with salted butter…ever! And..I always use an oven thermometer and closely watch the time and the oven temp. The only change I made to the recipe (the second time) was increasing the bourbon to 1 Tablespoon.

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This is the BEST pecan pie ever! I am truly shocked by some of the negative reviews. I followed the recipe exactly – but left it in the oven overnight. It was a beautiful pie and it disappeared completely by Thanksgiving evening and received rave reviews from our family and guests. I shared this recipe with my daughter who had the same excellent result. I prefer the praline-like result versus the gooey syrup like density of most pecan pies. This will be our traditional pecan pie going forward.


1 cup sugar
1 1/2 cups corn syrup (I use 1/2 dark and 1/2 light)
4 eggs
1/4 cup butter
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
1 1/2 cups pecans, coarsely broken
1 unbaked deep dish pie shell



In saucepan boil sugar and corn syrup together for 2 to 3 minutes; set aside to cool slightly.
In large bowl beat eggs lightly and very slowly pour the syrup mixture into the eggs, stirring constantly.
At this point I like to strain the mixture to make sure it’s smooth and lump free.
Stir in butter, vanilla, and pecans and pour into crust.
Bake in a 350°F oven for about 45 to 60 minutes or until set.



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