The Top 9 Reasons You Should Travel To Stara Zagora



9- Eight-Thousand-Year-Old Neolithic Homes


Zagora awes its guests with centuries-old history. A standout amongst the most wondrous places in the city is the Neolithic Dwellings Museum where sightseers can see the most all-around the saved house in Europe dating more than 8 000 years! The exhibition hall was worked around the archeological discoveries themselves and takes as much time as necessary through stories and relics from the everyday life and the confidence of the ancient individuals who lived here.


8- Exhibition Hall Of Religions


Zagora’s Museum of religions is unique in Bulgaria. It uncovers archeological discoveries from four unmistakable profound and religious practices from four distinctive timespans, the most established of which goes back to tenth century B.C. The Museum of religions is where factions, agnosticism, Christianity and Islam meet. It is a compulsory stop for the city’s guests!


7- Ayazmoto Park


This is local people’s most loved spot for outside strolls and unwinding. Ayazmoto is a standout amongst the most wonderful and one of the biggest stops in the nation. It ranges more than 3,2 square kilometers and gloats more than 180 diverse plant species. The recreation center is notable for the legend of Kniaz Boris I’s dedicating, yet additionally for the Saint Theodor Tyron Chapel with its amazing mosaic frescoes, one of only a handful couple of working lobbies of misshaping mirrors in the nation and the city zoo with more than 450 creature species.


6- Zagora’s Defenders


The ‘Samarsko Zname Monument’ (Flag of Samara) towers from the highest point of the Zagora Defenders Memorial Complex where a stunning perspective of the city is uncovered. A hundred stages lead to the colossal statues of the Defenders who murmur regarding the inheritance of our opportunity contenders.


5- Geo Milev’s Memorial House And Museum


Zagora is the origin of a standout amongst the most striking Bulgarian artists, fiction authors, and interpreters. Geo Milev’s home recounts the tale of the artist’s family and his own life venture. The exceptionally curated corridor with a huge number of antiquities from Geo Milev’s life and work make this exhibition hall an unquestionable requirement see.

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4- Lager’s Museum


The main working historical center in the nation devoted to lager draws the unpleasant beverage’s sweethearts with a visit to Zagora’s brew producer’s production line. In the event that you are enticed by brew, you can stop by the degustation corridor and you can find out about the historical backdrop of Bulgarian lager, which began in the start of the twentieth century.


3- Amusement For Kids


In the event that you need to fulfill your youngsters by taking them on a fascinating adventure past the modest everyday life, at that point, Zagora is the ideal decision. The city is fascinating to its most youthful guests with a large number of parks and promenades, the zoo, the observatory, the turned mirror corridor and the different cordial creatures, which are a permanent piece of the nearby greenery enclosures’ fauna. You can likewise investigate the children’s social program at the Puppet Theater and the Opera.


2- The Core Of Thrace


Zagora is in excess of a city, which holds its guests in its grip. Its ideal area and the closeness of a lot progressively verifiable destinations and nature’s wealth make the city the ideal beginning stage for strolls in the field. Any inquisitive traveler will think that it’s simple to achieve the Thracian tombs of Kazanlak, the Zhrebchevo dam with its extraordinary submerged church, the delightful nature scenes and the little tucked-in towns with their customary occasions. These are just a portion of the charming areas in the district!


1- Zagora’s Mineral Showers


The mending mineral showers of Zagora are found just fifteen kilometers from the city. They are settled into the Sarnena Sredna Gora Mountain, encompassed by beautiful nature sees. The showers utilize 40°C water springing from in excess of a kilometer and a half underground, and they offer an awesome place for unwinding to the worn out city tenants.