The Best Burgers In America And Where To Find Them


Food brings people together, and of all places, that couldn’t be truer than in America. From the East Coast to the West and everywhere in between, everyone from world-renowned chefs to stay-at-home dads are curating what they perceive to be the ultimate burger. It’s about time someone finally settled this debate, don’t you think? Who actually makes America’s best burgers? Wash your hands and let’s find out.



We know exactly what you’re thinking – how can a ‘double cheeseburger’ be made with three patties? The truth is that we might never know the answer to that universe-breaking question. However, what we do know is that the meal in question at Au Cheval in Chicago is one of the best in the nation, hands down.

With a slathering of maple-glazed bacon and some homemade Dijon mustard and mayonnaise (shortened, appropriately, to Dijonnaise), the Double Cheese Burger has been impressing diners for years. With the option of adding a fried egg, customers can also make it “Au Cheval style.” With or without the egg, it’s as tantalizing as any.



Surely you didn’t think that Raoul’s would be our one and only burger in the Big Apple, did you? The Brindle Room, a popular comfort food gastropub over in Manhattan’s East Village, offers one of the country’s best burgers in the form of the Steakhouse Burger.

The patty process begins by searing the 30-day-aged beef in a cast-iron skillet before topping it with the classic combo of caramelized onions, American cheese and a homemade sauce that carries a bit of a spicy kick. There are no frills here – it’s just a darn good, simple burger on a plain white bun.



From San Fran we’re hopping in the car and heading down south again, this time to Pasadena, just outside of Los Angeles. Here, the mouth-watering Classic Burger at Pie ‘n Burger awaits, ready to impress foodies from near and far.

The noteworthy fact about this concoction of meat, cheese, and bun is that the eaterie has been using the same burger recipe for over 50 years. As the saying goes: if it works, why change it? The freshly-ground beef patty is topped with a slice of American cheese and a sweet and tangy Thousand Island dressing. Sign us up.



It was only a matter of time before we ended up in San Francisco. From its award-winning Little Italy to its eccentric Chinatown and a plethora of beloved eateries everywhere in between, it should come as no surprise that we’re about to dig into a juicy burger in the Golden Gate City.

The Mission Bowling Club might actually be a genuine bowling alley, pins, shoes, balls and all, but it’s the food that really sets this locale apart. The brisket-and-chuck-based Mission Burger is seared in beef fat before being served with a dollop of caramelized onions, a slice of classic Monterey Jack and some beloved homemade caper aioli. We’ll take two, thanks.

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To be touted as one of the most delicious burgers in Los Angeles – a thriving city that prides itself on top-quality restaurants and notable eateries – well, that should say enough about the burgers at Burgers Never Say Die. This smashable burger is cheaper than most on the list and isn’t decked out with anything too fancy – it’s merely cooked perfectly and impresses from the first bite till last.

The store isn’t afraid to brag about their product either, pushing extra burgers to their customers through an appropriate motto – ‘always get two.’



Down in El Reno, Oklahoma, the delicious Onion Burger over at Sid’s Diner is a perfect example of how it doesn’t take fancy truffles or exotic foie gras to make a burger excellent – all it needs it a showstopping patty cooked to perfection and a handful of classic garnishes to top it all off. While this burger does the basics with all-out class, it’s the Spanish yellow onions that really set it apart from the crop.

Even though Oklahoma locals are very familiar with this eatery, outside of the city it remains a relatively unknown gem – until now, that is.



From the wild night in Las Vegas, we’re jetting across the country to America’s melting pot – the center of the universe, New York City. Down on Prince St in Soho, Lower Manhattan, a quaint Parisian establishment called Raoul’s serves up what’s often touted as one of the world’s most finger-lickin’ burgers.

Unlike Ramsay’s restaurant, production is strictly limited over at Raoul’s – they only create 12 burger masterpieces per night, so getting a taste of one isn’t as easy as you’d think. The high-quality ingredients are impressive but it’s the delectable cream-and-cognac au poivre sauce that really takes it to the next level.



While we’re among the neon lights of Sin City, we might as well stop in at another of Vegas’ revered burger locales – owned by none other than the foul-mouthed celebrity chef himself, Gordon Ramsay. Appropriately (although not necessarily creatively) named Gordon Ramsay Burger, this is actually his third restaurant in the area, often touted as one of the best in the city.

We can’t argue with the numbers – back in 2016, Ramsay officially ticked over two million burger sales and that figure has continued to climb ever since. We just hope that the staff are nicer than the owner.



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