Keto crispy cheese dogs


Keto crispy cheese dogs. Crunchy cheese dogs for dinner tonight. You take this on a hot dog cake any day. Delicious and easy to make. It doesn’t require much time. Follow the method of preparation with me.

Ingredients for Keto crispy cheese dogs :

  • 2 hot dogs
  • 1/2 cutdacarb wrap
  • sliced cheese of choice
  • salted butter
  • Optional: Pickles and sugar-free ketchup for sides


1. Cut wrap in half again (so each hot dog has 1/4 of the wrap).

2. Roll the hot dogs and cheese tightly inside wraps.

3. Melt a generous amount of salted butter in a pan, and pan-fry the rolled dogs until each side has crisped up.

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4. Cut each hot dog in half, and enjoy with your preferred sides!

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