6 Weight Loss Mistakes You Could Be Making


There are many rules, guidelines, and or requirements whenever you try to engage in certain things or activities, and whether you’re new or going back for another try, mistakes and misconceptions are bound to happen, and this is okay because everyone make mistakes.

However, just because mistakes are essential to our growth and are a part of our lives, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do to avoid or lessen them.

Just like in the case of weight loss, there are many people and testimonials who claim that diets, even workouts are not effective in losing weight. People fail to recognize that achieving weight loss varies from a case-to-case basis.


6. Underestimating Your Food Intake

Are you sure that you counted all your calories? Even those tiny ‘25-calorie’ nibbles accumulate.

You might occasionally have a light snack, maybe a spoonful of your partner’s dinner and some ‘quick tastes’ here and there while cooking. Your occasional bowl of popcorn. After all, popcorn is so light, it shouldn’t even count.

You might also munch on small nuts. But do these things really add up?


And if you don’t consider these, your daily calorie count might be much more than you think.


5. Drinking Alcohol

Did you know that alcoholic drinks are often called “empty” calories?

This is because they provide calories, but contain little to no nutrients.

A can of beer has almost 155 calories, and a 5-ounce glass of red wine has 125 calories. And since the recommended afternoon snack should be in between 150-200 calories, a few drinks with your friends can mean several extra hundred calories.

Not to mention the drinks that have mixers like soda or fruit juice have even more calories.



4. Always Doing The Same Workout Routine

If you do the same work out every single day, your body will recognize it as a daily task and adapt to it.

If you want your body to burn down calories, so you’re going to have to challenge it with different exercises. So every now and then, switch up your exercise routine to make your body work for it.


3. Sitting All Day

You don’t always need to exercise to burn fat. You can just be more active. Start by sitting less.

Did you know that you already burn calories with non-exercise movement every day? You burn calories when you get up, or when you walk up the stairs and when you push your desk to face the wall – basically anything physical.

Try to incorporate movement into your daily tasks instead of just sitting around. For example, when you’re watching Youtube, try folding your laundry at the same time. Park your car further in your parking lot on purpose. Walk your dog. In fact, you’d be surprised how much going for a walk could do!


2. Ignoring Nutrition Facts

The label says it’s a sports drink. The advertisement on Youtube shows the drink being used by athletes, but did you bother to read the back of the drink?

For all you know, the so-called sports drink is full of sugar and has no nutritional value. More extra calories and zero power.


1. Being Unprepared

Don’t go on a workout frenzy because someone called you fat. Because that motivation – will not last.

Instead, make a plan for yourself. Set reasonable goals, plan your meals and have a work out routine. If you’re going to do it – do it right.

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