10 Tips for Eating Well While Traveling


An experienced food specialist and regular flyer describes her healthy eating habit while going on a trip-and how you too can do the same

For travellers, choosing to have a healthy diet during a trip is rarely possible. The oddities range from not been able to find vegetables as well as fresh fruits to having meals at time periods not familiar to you. Due to poor food options, the available food you have while making a trip can worsen your condition. This is where Yasmin Khan comes in. Khan is a chef, yogi, a frequent traveller, critically acclaimed writer vas well as being the author behind the cookbook “The Saffron Tales: Recipes from the Persian Kitchen” which is a best seller. In this informative piece, the chef cum frequent traveller decided to open up her Arsenal of food tips that are indispensable to hungry travellers and let us have them.


10. Before you board a plane, eat a light meal


Travelling by air can really take its toll on the digestive system. If a light meal is taken before the flight, the body will be light before the plane takes off. If possible, stay away from meat as well as diary a day prior to the trip and rather choose to take vegetable soups. Or you can decide to have Rice with Dahl’s that are lightly spiced.