10 Unhealthy Nighttime Habits That Lead to Weight Gain


What you do at the end of your day impacts your weight just as much, if not more, than what you do during the rest of the day. Nighttime can be terrible for people who are prone to binge eating while watching their favorite TV shows in bed, so start making the switch to these healthy habits instead to keep your body in tip-top shape. Looking for more ways to shed those unwanted pounds?


You Have a Big Dinner after a Big Lunch


Do This Instead: Drink a Whey Protein Shake

If you had a heavy lunch, try drinking a protein shake for dinner instead of feasting on a whole meal. A study published by Nutrition & Metabolism noted that whey protein shakes as a supplement can increase fat loss without losing muscle mass, especially for those who are obese.


You Take a Spin Class

Do This Instead: Light Floor Exercise

Although heavy, high-impact exercise could keep you up longer and disrupt your sleep cycle, some light exercise before bed won’t disturb your sleep, according to findings from the Journal of Sleep Research. So, end your day with your favorite quick workout, like crunches or squats, before you go to sleep for the night.


You Eat Chicken for Dinner


Do This Instead: Eat Turkey

Try adding turkey to your next dinner for a filling lean meat that will induce sleep. Turkey is high in tryptophan, a hormone that’s been proven in a study published by the Journal of Psychiatric Research to help induce sleep. Bonus:


You Turn the Heat Up Before Bed

Woman setting thermostat

Do This Instead: Make Your Room Colder

Adjusting the temperature in your room is a simple fix to a smaller pants size. According to research published in Cell Press, regular exposure to mild cold can actually boost weight loss. The researchers noted that a Japanese study found that participants who stayed in colder temperatures (around 62 degrees) for six weeks saw a significant decrease in body fat.


You Take a Shower

Woman showering

Do This Instead: Take a Bath

Taking a hot bath is soothing and will help you sleep and avoid late night snacks. Adding other calming properties to your bath, like lavender oil, will also help you relax and want to drift off to sleep instead of going to the fridge for a midnight meal.


You Drink Plain Tea

Do This Instead: Add Fresh Mint to Your Tea

Mint is an essential for trying to lose weight. According to a study published by The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, mint is helpful in regulating your digestive tract, and also acts as a diuretic. So add some fresh mint leaves to your favorite tea or just a hot cup of water for a relaxing warm beverage that will soothe your stomach.



You Sleep with a Night Light

Do This Instead: Shut Off All the Lights

If you sleep with a night light or nightstand lamp on, you could be disturbing your sleep pattern, which could impact the number of hours of sleep you log per night. The National Sleep Foundation notes that exposure to light during bedtime stimulates a nerve pathway from the eyes to the brain, and in turn can affect our sleep hormones, body temperature, and brainwaves that affect our quality of sleep.


You Eat Yogurt

flavored yogurt

Do This Instead: Eat Cottage Cheese

If you’re too hungry to wait until morning to eat, try having a small yet filling snack like cottage cheese. This dairy product is high in protein, which helps with muscle regulation, is low-calorie, and is packed with bone-strengthening calcium.


You Sleep on Uncomfortable Bedding

Do This Instead: Invest in Cozy Sheets and Pillows

Getting comfortable in bed will make you less likely to want to get up and grab a snack. So, put on your best pajamas, grab your favorite blanket, and lay in your comfiest sleeping position to get the optimal sleep without having to make a trip to the fridge.


You Eat Refined Carbs


Do This Instead: Eat Complex Carbs

Adding healthy carbs, such as whole grain pasta or multigrain bread, to your dinner plate will help you feel fuller without all of the excess empty calories of white bread and grains. Healthy carbs including whole grains are filled with essential nutrients, such as digestion-regulating fiber, that white grains have little to none of due to the bleaching process they go through.


You Don’t Track Your Sleep Habits

Do This Instead: Start a Sleep Diary

A sleep diary is another way to help distract yourself from mindlessly eating and it’s also a great way to note and keep track of your sleep schedule, according to The National Sleep Foundation. Make sure you’re also avoiding these 7 Sleep Mistakes Everyone Makes to keep your sleep (and waistline) on the right track for a healthier you.




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